Foo Foo Gloves Story

Foo Foo Gloves Story

 One 2009 pre-dawn morning during, one of me and my husband’s nightly pillow talks, seemingly a bright light bulb came on, and stayed on in my head!  I shared with him that I no longer deemed it necessary for me to just wait until the autumn season of the year to wear leather gloves.  For some time now, I had been twirling this creative glove design in my head.  As much as I tried to forget about it, or place it on the backburner, it was not a fleeting thought.  It just wouldn’t disappear.

The very next day, I was scheduled to speak at a women’s session, believe it or not, called the “Cackling Hens.”  Contrary to its title, it is quite the contrast. Organizer Cynthia Brooks’ ( sole purpose is for women to uplift one another and their life purposes.

As we briefly rewind from the time I awakened until the time of my arrival at the women’s session, all I could visualize and imagine was how beautiful a feminine, eloquent pair of year round gloves would set my put my outfit into motion.  Well, long story short, I ended up not having the gloves for that particular women’s session.  But, out of that very women’s session, something so much greater and so much bigger evolved!

From the melancholy expressions on the faces of the fellow “Cackling Hens”, it was apparent they were not necessarily in the mood for my pre-scripted message.  God, through and with His infinite wisdom ordered me to deviate from my prepared speech, and just talk to the sisters heart to heart. 

When that happened, the women begin opening up, and pouring out the root of their ‘doom and gloom’ facial expressions.  Several of the ladies present were no longer employed by the now defunct sewing factory, of which many made their living.  All I remember saying was “Don’t tell your God how big your problem is; tell your problem how BIG your GOD is.”  The maxim, “It takes team work to make the dream work” became ever so poignant and authentic in my life.

I shared with the ladies, “I have a design of gloves that I would like to personally have, and if you are as good as you say you are, then let’s pull our resources together, and make it happen.  Unbeknownst would I realize another one of my dreams was unfolding right before my natural eyes, as was several of the seamstresses’ dreams in York, AL!  That very day, Foo Foo Collection Gloves was predestined, and has been growing ever since.

The gratification I am experiencing as a result of being able to put such gifted and humble women back to work ushers my heart to sing a glad song.  Because of my dream, I have been blessed to create jobs in Alabama’s Black Belt.  Since I was merely getting gloves to accent what I considered my personal timeless wardrobe, never in my wildest did I fathom that so many other women were awaiting a glove explosion!  A glove renaissance; a resurrection; glove revitalization! 

This is such a minuscule tribute to my loving Mother, Zenobia who not only dressed retro-classic, but taught my sister, Glenda, and I to do likewise.  Ladies, I owe a tremendous debt to her.  Globally, Glenda, Theresa Cameron, Vanessa Rogers Long, and Evelyn Reed have been staunch sorors, supporters and purchasers of this God blessed glove undertaking.  Locally, Ruby Lee and Deidre Sims are assisting us resurrect what was becoming the lost art, sewing.  Also I owe Dr. Jacqualine Myers a grandstand because she shared her contemporary, vintage glove sample with me, but knew not where I could retrieve a pair.  I tell you.  “Necessity is the motherhood of creativity.” Lastly, one other sister friend, Barbara Marshall Coleman who has nominated the gloves for numerous recognitions, publications and awards, and also made my first pair of velvet rhinestone gloves available, I also owe thanks, ultimately to God be the glory.  

Foo Foo Collection Gloves are currently in 15 of the 50 United States!  Foo Foo Collection Gloves, which can be found via are:

  • Affordable to every feminine female
  • Joint Soothers in thirty (30) fabulous colors
  • A year round accessory to any fine wardrobe. Get ready to be the indelible talk of the affair; to be the belle of the ball
  • Hand Washable in cold water
  • Outlandishly fashionable & sure to stand out
  • Become the conversation of the nation

“The Lord has opened unto me His good treasure and blessed the work of my hands.  He has commanded the blessing upon me in my storehouse and all that I undertake” Deut. 28:8, 12.

To all of my current and future customers, we must keep the faith.  We must keep our eyes on the prize, because I am learning from one of my fellow author friends, Glinda Bridgforth that “Our darkest days ultimately lead to our brightest opportunities” based upon I Peter 5:6-11. 

Be willing to work while you wait for your change, until your change comes!

Forever fearless in my pursuit, 

A. Faye