Dynamic Elocutionist & Virtuous Woman

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Elocutionist, Author, Gloves Designer A. Faye Boykin is a native of Brewton, AL, presently residing in the Birmingham, AL area. Boykin repeatedly and emphatically states, “The whole world is my domain.” A. Faye is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, communicator, listener, activist, advocate,  and counselor.

A. Faye is clearly a woman on the move, impassioned with a mission! Colleges, churches, community events, retreats, political figures, fraternal, sorority, and social service organizations have invited this cutting edge speaker to their platform, podium, and pulpit. A. Faye is a preeminent voice of consistent empowerment, born to teach the power and purpose of indomitable will to process through unbelievable LeaderShift! Shift happens! 

Using her own personal life as a backdrop, A. Faye teaches overcoming the #1 greatest fear in the world-public speaking to all ages. She is adamant in her coaching clients to go, grow, and then glow beyond feeling you have reached your highest speech pinnacle. She encourages Generations X and Y, to always know if you can text and use Ebonics, then certainly you can master the English language.

When it comes to articulation, communication, pronunciation, A. Faye was taught early by her dear, deaf Mother, “No excuses, only results.”

A. Faye known as the Dr. of Communications, teaches, directs, and offers  impactful and effective insights and actionable steps to increase personal and professional success; deeper faith,  emotional wellness, inner peace, and a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity.

A. Faye is one of the founding members of Solutions, Inc., a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which offers holistic empowerment training, coaching, and mentoring; public speaking, and debate skills through their segmented Extemporaneous Speaking Projects (ESP).

Not only is A. Faye an Elocution Consultant at Auburn University’s Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement (CEOE), she is actively involved in Toastmasters International, where she was inducted into the 2007 Toastmasters International Speakers Hall of Fame. A. Faye graduated Salutatorian of her high school graduating class, graduated with honors in social work from Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University), and is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

A. Faye has been an invited speaker to Japan, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the US and British Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, and Aruba. A. Faye has also spoken in 34 of the 50 United States.